Mobile phone repair roles & responsibilities

Mobile repair technician is one of the most challenging jobs. You need to be very much skilled in order to perform roles and responsibilities a mobile technician has to perform. As a mobile repair technician you need to be aware of various tools … [Continue reading]

Mobile Phone Glossary

Mobile repairing is something which could be a challenging environment for most of the people who are interested to get into mobile industry. But before starting of in mobile industry learners should be aware of mobile phone terms that help them … [Continue reading]

Mobile Phone Repair Course is one of the leading mobile repair institute that offers mobile  repair course for various students and professionals who are willing to make their career in mobile industry. Mobile phone repair course covers repair of all the … [Continue reading]

Mobile Phone repair training syllabus

Mobile Phone Repair Training - Basic Chip Level History and basic introduction of mobile phone Introduction to GSM, CDMA  & generation of mobile phone Information about frequencies and channels GPRS, Bluetooth and Infrared WiFi, SIM … [Continue reading]

Mobile repair training services fix, repair and unlock all type of phones and provide training irrespective of the brand, level of damage and fault. We deal in all type pf basic as well as complex faults like water damaged cell phones, broken LCD screens, speaker, … [Continue reading]

Tips to track lost mobile

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iPhone Tips for Saving Mobile Data

Worried about increasing bills day by day, well no need to worry any more as you can your mobile data expenses with ease. If you wanna save mobile data so that you can do more what you love the most without worrying about the bill and other expenses. … [Continue reading]

Tips to save mobile data

Mobile data is one of the essentials for all the mobile users these days. People are interested to use mobile data to use social networking apps, stay updated with news, what is happening all around the world and many more. With data plans … [Continue reading]

Tips to save money on your mobile phone

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Methods to make phone battery last longer

Many of using mobiles these days than landline phones. Mobile phones come with Lithium Batteries which require maintenance. Its pretty much important to maintain them properly when you are using mobiles. Smartphone batteries doesn't last longer as … [Continue reading]