How Mobile Number Portability Works

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How mobile touch screen works

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Mobile Repair Career

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Mobile Repair Basic Electronics

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SAR Value in Mobile Phones

SAR value can be abbreviated as Specific absorption rate which indicated the amount of radiation that could be absorbed into head while using mobile phone. Higher the SAR value the more and more amount of radiation you are absorbing. According to FCC … [Continue reading]

Most Common Cell Phone Problems & Solution

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Default Security Codes for Mobile Phones

Security code is provided by the manufacturer by default with the intention to provide security for mobile as well as user data. Be default security codes will be same for all the models from one manufacturer. For example Nokia mobiles will have same … [Continue reading]

MRC Hardware Troubleshooting

Repairing mobile is not an easy task. It requires lot of concentration and effort as mobile parts are sensitive. Mobile repairing course is easy when you do each and everything with precision. In order to repair any kind of mobile you should be aware … [Continue reading]

How to reset samsung mobile codes

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How to Reset iphone

Facing problems with your iphone and worried about how to reset it as you bought the new one. Don't worry there are two ways to reset your iphone. Soft and hard reset (which is a factory reset). In case if are facing minor issues related to … [Continue reading]