Mobile Repair Resume

Mobile is one of the most beautiful thing that has ever happened with everyday inventions. Mobile industry offer lots of opportunities to maker career in mobile industry. Mobile repairers / technician work in several service units where they repair broken as well as damaged mobile phones and bring them back to their original level of efficiency. As a mobile repair technician you need to take charge of mobiles and find out the possible faults that is affecting mobile functionality. As a mobile technician you need to replace battery in case it gets exhausted, reconnects and tightens the wirings in case of lose connections, mends the worn out parts or inserts new componentsRead on to know mobile repair resume.

Mobile Repair Resume Example 

Name – ABCD

Address – XYZ

Telephone – 99999999

Address – XYZ

Career Objective – A tech savvy person with vast experience in working with precision tools and mobile technology is looking for a mobile repair technician position to help customers enjoy their smartphones with my repairing skills.

Key Skills

  • Vast knowledge of operating and repairing different models of mobile phones
  • Very much familiar with telecommunication systems such as GSM, CDMA, WDMA, etc
  • Skilled at handling the minute components of the mobile phones carefully
  • Very much patience and high communication skills to communicate with customers with ease
  • Handling and maintaining records of completed work as well as repair

Work Experience

Mobile Repair Technician 

  • Listen to problems and complaints regarding any malfunction of mobiles and much more
  • Perform through examination of mobiles and to try to find problems
  • Provide quote and possible delivery once mobile is repaired
  • Deal with clients and receive fees and perform assigned operations
  • Repair water damaged failure of locking, hanging or slowing of the mobile phones
  • Repair damaged screen, if possible repair replace it with new one

Bottom Line

Above is the mobile repair sample resume that will give the idea about how a mobile technician resume should be. Make sure you go through these simple tips for preparing mobile repair resume.