Mobile Phone Sensors

Mobile phone is one of the best gift of innovation of the 20 century. Lots of people are interested to use mobile these days. Mobile technology has evolved over the years that made lives easy for all the people. Modern day mobile phones come with a variety of sensors that automate or easy many of our daily tasks. Mobile sensor made tasks of many people very  much simple with help of simple gestures and touches. Read on to know complete information about mobile phone sensors.

Accelerometer – Accelerometer is one of the most common sensor used in modern day mobile these days. it measures the acceleration that the handset is experiencing relative to freefall. Accelerometer is used to determine a device’s orientation along its three axes.

Gyroscope –  Gyroscope is a sensor that provides orientation information with precision. With Gyroscope Android mobile Photo Sphere camera feature can tell how much a phone has been rotated and in which direction.

Magnetometer – Its is one of the sensor used in mobile phones these days. Magnetometer meter helps in detecting magnetic fields. The magnetometer is one of the sensors that compass applications use to point at the planet’s north pole.

Proximity Sensor – Proximity sensor is one of the sensor used in mobiles these days. Its placed near the earpiece of a phone. Proximity sensor consists of an infrared LED and an IR light detector. Its placed  near earpiece of mobile whenever you place your mobile near your ear it detects that you might be in call and it automatically turns off the screen.

Light Sensor – Mobile phone light sensor helps in measuring how bright the ambient light is. Light sensor along with mobile software helps in automatically adjusting mobile brightness. When light is dark it automatically increase the brightness of your mobile, similarly when light is full it reduces the mobile brightness with ease.

Barometer – High end mobiles have a built-in barometer that helps in measuring the atmospheric pressure. Barometer helps in measuring the accurate GPS location and determine how far mobile is placed above the sea level.

Thermometer – Thermometer is used in measuring the ambient temperature. They are used to monitor the temperature inside the device and its battery. If a component is detected to be overheating, the system shuts itself down to prevent damage. Now a days every mobile is having thermometer that help you determine the temperature with ease.

Pedometer – Worried about health and fitness you can could use pedometer. Pedometer helps in counting the number of steps that the user has taken. Google Nexus 5 is is among the few phones that have a true pedometer built into them.

Heart rate monitor –   it is made to measure one’s pulse, and it does that by detecting the minute pulsations of the blood vessels inside one’s finger.

Fingerprint sensor – Fingerprint scanners are most often used as an extra layer of security – as a substitute for a lock screen password. High end models and leading mobiles have fingerprint sensors that help uses secure mobiles more preciously.

iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One Max are some of the leading mobiles that have fingerprint sensor embedded in them.

Bottom Line

Above are some of the mobile sensors that are used in everyday mobile these days. These sensors help mobile users detect locations with precision, measure temperature, save mobile battery and much more.