Mobile Industry Acronyms

Mobile is one of the leading technology which has gained more and more popularity over the years. There are lots of people who are interested, adopt mobile world technologies to make everyone’s lives easier. If you are using mobiles you should be aware of basic terms and acronyms that are used in mobile industry. Read on to know various mobile industry acronyms.

  • ASCII – American Standard Code for Information Interchange
  • B – ISDN – Broadband ISDN
  • CDMA –  Code Division Multiple Access
  • CDPD – Cellular Digital Packet Data
  • EDGE – Enhanced Data for GSM Evolution
  • EIR – Equipment identity register
  • GPRS – General Packet Radio Service
  • GPS – Global Positioning System
  • IMAP – Internet Mail Access Protocol
  • IMEI – International Mobile Equipment Identity
  • IMN – Intelligent Mobile Network
  • IMT – 2000 – International Mobile Telecommunications 2000
  • IMSI – International Mobile Subscriber Identity
  • MDN –  Mobile Directory Number
  • MIN – Mobile Identification Number
  • MLS – Mobile Location Service
  • MS – Mobile Station
  • MSC – Mobile Switching Center
  • MSS – Mobile Satellite Service
  • MTS – Message Telecommunication Service
  • MTSO – Mobile Telephone Switching Office
  • SMS –  Short Message Service
  • SMSC – Short Message Service Center
  • TDMA – Time Division Multiple Access
  • TO – Telecommunication Operator
  • W- CDMA – Wideband – Code Division Multiple Access

Bottom Line 

Above are some of the mobile industry acronyms. These acronyms will give information about various terms that are used in mobile industry. While using mobiles make sure you know these little terms that might affect your lives day in and day out.