Methods to Reduce Mobile Radiations

Technology has evolved over the years and lot of people are interested to adopt those changes. Mobile technology is one such technology that has evolved over the years. With these new development and changes there are side effects that are causing harm to well being of customers. Research analyst and scientists have named mobile phones as the most dangerous hazard. Not only that they named mobile devices among other hazardous materials that release carbon particles that is polluting the environment.
Cellphones damages DNA of human beings than any other luxurious materials that are available in market today. Just like other electronic devices mobile phone Emmit radiation when operated on low battery power. So its time to know what are the most dangerous concerns of mobile use and what are the measure you can take to prevent those damages with ease. There is a not incident that all mobile manufacturers are advised to provide ear piece that will help them reduce mobile radiation with ease. Below are the methods to reduce mobile radiations effects.
Use Speaker Phone
Its not at all easy to use speaker all the time. Matter of fact users will find it difficult to use mobile speakers in public. According to experts using mobile speakers while talking will reduce radiations emitted by mobiles. Every time you are keeping your mobiles away from you brain you are protecting it.
Don’t bluetooth all the time
It has been observed that lot of users are choosing bluetooth headset while speaking. Never ever do that bluetooth should be in range with mobile device and it requires lot of energy to constantly check whether the devices are in same range. Bluetooth ear piece work on high radiation that makes it difficult for users to bear radiations and damage their ears.
Avoid radiation hot spots
One of the most important thing you have to remember that mobile phone won’t Emmit same amount of radiations as they do when you are moving or traveling. While traveling you mobile phone tend to catch mobile signals which might be not available or weak. This weak signals exposes mobile to huge amount of radiations.
Follow measure given by mobile manufacturers
If you are using mobile for years you might be aware of mobile instructions given in the manual. Most of the mobile manufactures provide instructions saying that particular mobile should be kept away in order to reduce the radiation affects. For example apple suggested to keep Iphone 4S at-least 5-8 away when mobile is transmitting.
Avoid talking as much as possible
Most of the mobile users tend to glue themselves to mobile phone or other electronic gadgets. Never ever do that if you are interested to keep your health in check. Make sure you text unless and until you need to talk.
Above are some of the methods to reduce mobile radiations effects pretty easily and quickly. Make sure you follow these steps and try to minimize and reduce the damage with ease.