How to track lost mobile using IMEI number

Worried that you lost your mobile, no need to worry as you can track, block your stolen mobile with ease. You can block your mobile using IMEI number if you are not able to recover or track it. To do all these things you should know IMEI number of mobile phone. Tracking a stolen mobile is a time consuming process so you have to be patient. You need to go to police station in your local area and register a FIR that your mobile phone is stolen. Keep reading to know how to track lost mobile using IMEI number.

Once you register FIR take the FIR along with IMEI number and contact the service provider. Then they will help you track the the mobile phone location.

With IMEI number mobile service provider they not only track your mobile they can block the lost mobile until its found. Not ending there you can unblock your mobile once its found. Thieves are pretty much smart and they change the mobile once they get any mobile phone. You should remember one thing that using IMEI you can track mobile irrespective of SIM has been changed or not. All mobile subscribers use same blacklist database to block and track mobiles.

How IMEI works to track mobile phone

IMEI is a unique alphanumeric mobile number that help you track your mobiles with ease. Once the lost mobile is switched on the IMEI is sent to Equipment Identity Register database. All mobile service provider maintain three different categories for IMEI numbers that are;

  • white listed
  • Grey listed
  • Black listed

Mobile service provider can block any mobile by just placing the IMEI number in black list. Up on entering the IMEI number in black list the mobile become useless and you can’t use it at all.

Not ending there mobile operators use IMEI and GPS to track and block the mobile phones with ease. These days lots of mobile phones get stolen so they don’t track mobile phones these days. In some special cases they do concentrate on IMEI and GPS to track mobile devices with ease.

Remember you can block mobile as well as SIM cards to prevent fraudulent use of mobiles as well as SIM cards. tracking mobile using IMEI could be useful for basic applications. There are lots of smart phone available in market that could be tracked using Android device manager once they are stolen.