How to Repair your mobile battery

Mobile phones are increasingly important for both personal as well as professional life. These mobiles have completely changed the landscape of digital world. All these mobiles run on Li-Ion batteries that are rechargeable. Its human tendency to get frustrated when your mobile battery is draining pretty fast and its lasting for very short span of time. Even though Lithium batteries have much more energy, they are lighter and smaller as well. But these batteries are unpredictable. If the lithium battery is not holding a charge for long, there are ways to repair it. You can increase the battery life of your Lithium battery by following just simple steps. Read on to know how to repair your mobile battery.

How to repair a wet battery 

  • Generally mobile batteries get wet due to incidental circumstances.
  • Portable devices face lot of danger compare to non portable devices. Mobile being a portable device is prone to lot of danger. Water damage to your phone will be a huge disaster.
  • You need to react immediately if mobile battery gets wet which prevents it from further damages. Immediately remove the battery from the phone using a small set of your fingers.
  • Generally water damages the total functionality of motherboard and battery functioning. Immediately removing the battery from mobile will lessen the impact of water.
  • Shake the battery, phone to get rid of excess water from your mobile. Use cotton or towels to remove excess water from the surface.

How to fix a battery that doesn’t hold a charge

  • Probably this might be the biggest frustrating problem as you might miss some important phone calls, text, miss appointments and much more.
  • Wanna extend battery life make sure you turn off or uninstall the applications that are not at all useful.
  • There are hell lot of applications that might be useful but cellular carriers have loaded these applications with lot of third party and useless applications.
  • These little applications will drain your mobile battery like anything, which makes it pretty much difficult for battery to hold the charge for longer periods.
  • One of the simplest is allowing the battery to die completely and then charging the battery for two to three days while the phone remains off.

Remove SIM and Charge

  • Remove SIM from your mobile and keep lithium battery away for minute or two. Then only keep the battery and charge your mobile battery full.
  • Make sure you power your mobile phone and this don’t insert the SIM card. Let mobile run simply like that and wait for it drain automatically.
  • Once this is done remove the battery from your mobile and insert the SIM card as well as battery. Now mobile battery is expected to hold longer.

Physically repairing the mobile battery 

  • Physically repairing the mobile battery is pretty much simple. In fact you can use household tools to repair mobile battery with ease.

Cold Storage 

Cold storage treatment is one of the methods that helps in repairing the mobile battery. Wrap newspaper and two layer of plastic wrap and keep the battery in freezer for two days. Once you remove it from freezer keep it in cool dry place. Replace the battery and charge it again.

  • Placing the battery in cold areas reduces  leakage current, which increases the power.

Oxidation Removal

Take an eraser and gently wipe off the metals that are present on mobile battery. This method will help weak battery to last longer.

Above are some of the methods on how to repair your mobile battery. Make sure you follow these steps and increase the battery power with ease.