How to repair mobile speaker

Have problems hearing others and they could just hear you fine than it might be a problem of speaker not working properly. Have you ever tried mobile hands free or even Bluetooth than headset in order to have a conversation with someone? If so then your phones internal speaker is acting up. Mobile speaker issues might frustrate lot of mobile users as it is pretty much annoying and could ruin your day for good. Read on to know how to repair mobile speaker.

Network Problem

  • If any of your friends or loved ones are not able to hear your voice than there is static, distortions, robot voices, cross chatter, echoes, or only seems to work properly in certain locations and it doesn’t matter irrespective of what you are using.
  • No matter where you are and in which you are using mobile phone these issues won’t resolve unless and until you contact wireless provider.
  • There is nothing much you can do about network issues unless they are solved by wireless network provider.


  • If network issues are persistent and you can’t hear others speaking no matter where you are when using your phone then chances are that this issue is hardware related.
  • The chances are mobile speaker is damaged or simply malfunctioned and will need to be replaced.


  • If mobile network issues is not constant at all and audio comes and goes or works with some features but not others than it will be a software problem rather than hardware problem.
  • Have you ever observed mobiles ringing perfectly like alarm clock, ringtone and speaker etc and all of a sudden mobile sound is not functioning (as you are not getting sound for games and others) than it will be a problem of software.

Backup and reset 

Mobile network issues could be solved pretty much easily but it might ruin your day pretty easily. If you are willing to solve the issues related to network than you choose backup and reset method. Make sure you take backup of all your important files and applications than go for hard reset. Hard reset will totally change the configuration of your mobile so its important that you do backup and reset pretty carefully.

Above ares some of the basic information on how to repair mobile speaker. You can fix these issues with ease by removing the applications that are affecting the speaker functionality. Make sure you check all the applications and fix the issues immediately.