How to repair cell phone charger

Cell phone chargers are pretty much mandatory when you are using mobile, smartphone these days. In fact mobile chargers are necessity when you are using mobile phone these days. Generally mobile phone chargers are made up of an AC adapter that is connected to a thin wire and set of prongs that insert into the charging port of your cell phone. There are many reasons your mobile charger might get damaged. Read on to know how to repair cell phone charger.

You might jammed your mobile charger in some sharp object, tweaked chargers pin in rough manner are some of the common mistakes that damages your cell phone charger. Charger wire might be broken or the prongs on the end of the charger could be bend easily and completely with ease.

Tools required for repairing cell phone charger 

  • Tweezers
  • Wire Strippers
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Electrical Tape

Bent Prongs 

Wanna detect what the problem is you need to view throngs through a magnifying glass on the end of the charger that is farthest from the AC adapter. This observation will help you accurately identify the damage.

  • Make sure you grab the end of damaged prongs with a pair of tweezers and pull the prong gently to a straight position
  • Worried about charger pin than test it straightness by pressing the charger pin against the charging port.
  • Prong should slide in gently when you are inserting it into mobile charging point.

Broken or frayed wire 

If the cord of your mobile charger is frayed than make sure you cut the cord with the help of scissors. Make sure you remove the wire of your charger and replace it with the new one. Strip about an inch of insulation from both sides of the cut. Doing this will expose the metal wires that are present in the cord.

  • Twist these metal wire that are matching in color. Remember that wire colors might vary depending on the mobile models

Above are some of the methods that will answer question like how to repair cell phone charger. These tips might be helpful in rectifying the mobile charger with ease.