How to clean mobile phone camera lens

Mobile phones now a days are having high resolution cameras which is the need of the hour. Gone are the days when people used to carry stand alone cameras that help them capture precious moments. Mobile phones are not simply mobile phones they are smartphones which can offer various operations as well as functions. There are many features that make your lives pretty easy and simple. Camera is one of the option or feature offered by mobile phone. Camera is helpful in taking wonderful pictures and capture precious moments with ease. Read on to know how to clean mobile phone camera.

If you are willing to take good pictures than make sure you keep your mobile camera pretty much clean. Most of the times mobile camera gets dirty that generates dull and blurred images. Wanna get good quality pictures make sure you follow below tips on how to clean mobile phone camera lens.

  1. Generally mobile camera is place outside the body of mobile phone. Its doesn’t have any protection from outside elements. Outside elements might have huge affect on mobile phone camera. Make sure you use microfiber cloth and Fold like a triangle so you have a sharp corner and work it in there and clean the lens.
  2. Use small brush to dust particles from camera lens. Make sure you use cloth or bush to clean the dust particles from mobile camera lens. Most people simply blow on the lens to clean the dust but saliva contains various chemical that might damage mobile phone camera lens.
  3. There are chances that dirt might go inside remove the back cover of your phone and use  small amount of alcohol-based liquid lens cleaner and cotton swab to clean lens from inside the back cover. Make sure you don’t let liquid get inside of camera lens.

Above are some of the tips on how to clean mobile phone camera lens. Make sure you follow these tips and tricks to clean mobile phone camera lens and capture happy moments of your lives.