Frequently asked cellphone questions

Mobile is one of the most beautiful that has ever happened. Lots of people are interested to use their mobiles, its easy to use mobile but its not easy to get rid of problems. Below are some of the general mobile phone FAQs that will answer most of your questions.

Can I copy data from previous SIM or mobile phones ?

If all your contacts are stored on your old mobile phone you have to do the following things.

  1. Go to menu systems and select contacts
  2. Select copy from phone to SIM
  3. Select all and choose whether you to keep or remove original entries
  4. Click Yes to copy contacts
  5. You can repeat this process and copy the contacts from SIM to phone as well as vice versa.

Can I use hand-held mobile phone while driving ?

Its pretty much dangerous when you are planning to use mobile phone while driving. Its not recommended to use mobile while driving. There are hefty penalties from government when you were caught using mobiles while driving.

How do I get my PUK/PIN code ?

Generally SIM cards get blocked when you enter incorrect PIN codes in succession. PIN locked message will appear on the screen. Mobile will be unblocked when you are enter the 8 digit pin code. You can get PUK code after contacting customer service center.

How to block lost SIM Card ?

Stolen SIM cards could be used fraudulently. Its advisable that you get in touch with customer care executive and request them to block the services of that particular number. If you are interested to continue that particular number you can ask for new SIM card on the same old number. You need to pay minimum amount to get that particular new SIM.

How do I determine my phone IMEI ?

Every mobile has unique alphanumeric number that is pretty unique. IMEI number helps in identifying or locating mobiles in case of stolen mobiles.

Above are some of the frequently asked cellphone questions that are generally asked by customer and mobile users.