How to Find Lost Mobile phone

Lost your mobile, don’t it happens with every one. Everyone been there some or the other time. You might have lost your mobile during night or during hectic day. There are many ways you can trace your lost mobile. You may lost your mobile in different places like at home, office, on the way at road etc. Are you prepared for situations that might come your way when you lose your mobile. Read on to know how to find lost mobile phone.
Lot of us are not aware of methods that might be useful in tracing lost mobile. There are lot of smart apps that can help you trace your mobile in easy steps. For example android device manager, Android lost, find my iphone are some of the applications that might be helpful for you in tracing your mobile.
Smart Phone – If your lost mobile happens to be a smart phone than its very easy to trace your mobile. These smart apps work similarly and they are much capable to locate your mobile. Not only that these apps help users to lock phone, erase personal data, one of the best retrieval feature that makes sure you mobile ring louder even if its in silent mode. Its only possible to trace a smart phone when it is powered on. If it there is not battery power make sure you trace your mobiles IMEI number and find it.
Android – Lost your android device, don’t worry folks you can make it happen. You can trace your mobile with ease. All you have to do is configure Android device manager on your mobile device. Once you lose your mobile you can erase your personal stuff with Android device manager. This method is useful in finding lost mobile using Android operating features.
IOS – Find My iphone is the app used to trace lost iPhone devices. This app displays your mobile location on map. Not only that you can lock your device with the help of this application. As said earlier all these applications will work when your mobile is powered on.
All you have to do is login to your iCloud account and open find my iPhone application. This application will help you locate your mobile on app. As you are using iCloud account you have the option to send message or ring your mobile. Not only that you have the option to erase all your personal information.