Common Android Problems and Solutions

Lot of us are smart phones these days. They are good but you have to admit at some point of they start to give you headaches. Freezing, battery drains faster, slow user interface are some of the most common android problems. Not only that it affect the performance of mobile once you smart phone works slow. Don’t get frustrated we are listing out some common android problems and solutions. Lot of these might be known to you but still these effective tips might help you get rid of these problems quickly.
Battery Drains faster
Draining battery is the most common problem you will hear from android users. Faster draining battery might leave with nothing as you have to charge it frequently. One thing you can do is change location that uses phone battery continuously. The other thing you can do is reduce the brightness to a lever where you can easily operate your mobile.
Freezing frequently and slowed down
Frequently freezing and slow are interface are the most common problem of android mobiles. There is nothing much you  can do about it. Make sure you delete unused applications, photos and videos on internal storage of your device. Else you can move them to microSD card.
The other thing you can do is clear the cache data. For that you go to settings -> applications -> select particular application and clear the cache data.
Connectivity Issues
As an android mobile user you might have observed the connectivity issues. You might face problems with Wifi, bluetooth , mobile data etc. The best solution for connectivity problems is to keep mobile on flight mode for 30 seconds. Once again go back to normal mode and try accessing wifi, bluetooth and etc. Some times toggling will solve connectivity issues.
Stalled Text Messages
Probably this is the most common problem you might face while using Internet and other mobile applications. There are lot of unsend messages and other stuff. In order to ensure you mobile is working properly ensure you are connected to Wifi or cellular data and click on resend options. If problem persists try restarting your smart phone and repeat the procedure.
Syncing error
Technology has evolved over the years. People are interested to use mail and other could services on fingertips. Smartphone give that luxury to use them easily. You need to sync all those services to stay updated with Google Drive, Email and other cloud services. Make sure you have entered the correct credentials and click on sync.
App Crash
App crash is one of the most common problems a user might face it. There might be lot of reasons for app crash. In order to make sure all of your apps work properly try updating all your applications. Even after updating the app if the problem persists you can force close the app by swiping from multitaks menu.
Unresponsive Screen
Unresponsive screen irritates lot of user. You might want to hit your phone on the floor. No need to worry you can get rid of this problem. All you have to do is power off your button and power on mobile after 2 to 3 minutes.
 Above are some of the common android problems and solutions that are quite common these days when you are using android and other smart devices. Make sure you go through these problems and try to find solution for all thse problems.