Classification of Mobile Virus

mobile virus  is malicious software that targets mobile phones or wireless-enabled gadget. Virus cause the collapse or leak the confidential information present on your website. Technology has evolved and lot of people are using mobile phone and these malicious attacks have increased day by day.
Due to increase in popularity and usage of mobiles and its fairly difficult to prevent viruses and malicious various data from attacking your mobile.
Four types of the most common malicious programs are known to affect mobile devices
  • Worm
  • Trojan
  • Spyware
Mobile Virus Classification  – There are s lots of malicious information and mobile virus are available in the world that are affecting the security and privacy of your digital information. Below are the Various mobile malicious programs that could be dangerous for you.
  • Cabir
  • Duts
  • Skulls
  • Commwarrior
  • Gingermaster
  • DroidKungFu
  • Ikee
  • Gunpoder

Mobile virus or malware have very adverse affect on mobile, its functionalities and confidential information stored on your smart devices. A virus can show it affect on mobiles and other smart devices in below manner, it will spread across all the files present on your smart phone.

  • Spread over Bluetooth and MMS
  • Infection of files
  • Dispatch SMS/MMS
  • Enable external access to smart phones
  • Bypass anti-virus functions
  • Exchange file icons and system applications
  • Modify fonts and installation of applications
  • Enable information theft
  •  Install other harming programs
  • Block memory cards

Above is the classification of mobile virus. Make sure you categorize these viruses and try to prevent these viruses from damaging your mobiles.