Mobile phone repair roles & responsibilities

Mobile repair technician is one of the most challenging jobs. You need to be very much skilled in order to perform roles and responsibilities a mobile technician has to perform. As a mobile repair technician you need to be aware of various tools and responsibilities in any pressure situations. Read on to know mobile phone repair roles and responsibilities.
Roles and Responsibilities
  • Perform functional test to triage damaged devices and diagnose failures
  • Disassemble, test, and replace defective components
  • Test and reclaim individual components and external housing
  • Reassemble complete device, following predetermined work instructions
  • Perform full functional, cosmetic and RF testing
  • Participate in generation of work instructions and job aids for new models
  • Identify potential areas for improvement of internal processes and procedures
  • Software flashing and RF test

Mobile Phone Glossary

Mobile repairing is something which could be a challenging environment for most of the people who are interested to get into mobile industry. But before starting of in mobile industry learners should be aware of mobile phone terms that help them while learning and repairing course. Read on to know mobile phone glossary.


  • 2G indicates second generation of digital handsets that replaced the original analogue setup.


  • 3G refers to third generation of digital mobiles.
  • 3G offers high-speed data transfer rates which allows mobile broadband and two-way video calling.


  • Accelerometer is used to detect the motion of mobiles.
  • Generally  accelerometer detects the motion of the handset, and will auto rotate the display to show in landscape rather than portrait mode when the phone is rotated 90 degrees.
  • This rotation helps in viewing movies, photos and many more.

Audio output jack 

  • An audio output jack on mobile phone commonly allow users to  listen to music, videos and much more. Generally these days mobiles are coming with 3.5 mm jack.

Auto Focus 

  • Auto focus refers to a camera phone lens being able to adjust to focus in on a particular object, often resulting in clearer and sharper pictures than fixed focus camera phones.


  • Bluetooth technology allow connection between various devices (which is wireless). Due to these connections you can transfer files from one device to another.
  • Not only that using Bluetooth you can connect to car kits and headsets that can be connected to a mobile phone without the need for wires.


  • EDGE is enhanced speed for data transfer across a GSM network.
  • EDGE is used as an alternative for 3G mobile data, generally which is used for transferring data where 3G networks won’t work.

Face Recognition

  • Face recognition technology in digital camera seek out and focus in on people’s faces, so that images are produced which are much clearer and sharper in focus and detail.


  • Global positioning system is used to calculate your location by taking a reading from up to 3 satellites, and calculating your location using a method called triangulation.


  • GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service and was the first high speed data service available on digital mobile phones


  • An IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique serial number that every mobile phone has and is usually found printed under the phone battery.
  • If a mobile is stolen than network can use the IMEI number to identify the phone and put a block on it which make the stolen phone useless.


  • LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display, technology that can be found used for mobile phone screens.


  • An LED is a Light Emitting Diode, a small light found on many camera phones, used to illuminate objects in dim lighting conditions to enhance the quality of the captured image.


  • A smartphone is generally defined by a handset that has an ‘open’ operating system. This means the handset can increase its functionality with the addition of third party software. A smartphone generally runs Symbian, UIQ or Windows Mobile operating systems.


  • Symbian is one of the mobile operating systems that is used in various operating systems. Generally basic mobiles are equipped with Symbian operating system.


  • WiFi is the short form of Wireless Fidelity. WiFi describe wireless standards for local network wireless connectivity.


Mobile Phone Repair Course is one of the leading mobile repair institute that offers mobile  repair course for various students and professionals who are willing to make their career in mobile industry. Mobile phone repair course covers repair of all the leading mobile phone brands (including Chinese mobiles). Mobile phone repair course covers lot of modules and other repairs that requires lot of skill and professional to repair GSM as well as CDMA modules.

Mobile phone repair training course cover basic as well as advanced modules  that help learners get idea about software as well as hardware faults. Young learners are interested to learn mobile repair course from, one of the premium institute that offer mobile repair course in systematic manner and in-depth training will be provided on all the topics.

With our job oriented and professional course students can make their career in mobile repair industry with ease. With this mobile phone repair course students can start working as a mobile repair technician or start his/her own mobile phone repair business.

Topics covered under mobile phone repair course 

  • How to use various tools and equipment
  • Study and knowledge of various parts and tools
  • Assembling and disassembling of various cell phones
  • Checking of parts and components
  • Knowledge of motherboard
  • Study of circuit diagrams of various models
  • Information on various ICs
  • How to replace ICs
  • How to solder and desolder
  • Information on various jumpering techniques
  • Replacing ports, connectors, switches and etc
  • Replacing cracked screens and LCDs
  • Mobile Flashing and software installation
  • Unlocking of various handsets
  • Identify, diagnosing and troubleshooting of faults and much more

Who could join mobile phone repair course

Wanna make career in mobile repair industry so that you can repair all kind of mobiles (be it basic or smartphones). Business owners or people who are interested to get extra source of income can learn mobile repair. Students from science or engineering fields can learn mobile phone repair. Crazy about gadgets, mobiles, smartphone and tablets can get into mobile phone repair course.’s mobile repair course will  teach you to repair basic as well as advanced faults of mobile phones and tablets. In short, it will teach you all the skills required for repairing and servicing mobile phones.

Features of mobile phone repair training

  • Training provided by expert and experienced instructors
  • Training cover all the topics from basic to advanced modules
  • Real time training
  • Labs equipped with latest tools and equipments
  • In-depth knowledge on all the topics
  • Advanced chip level repair training
  • Various mobile repair tips and tricks
  • Certificate course
  • Career guidance

Mobile Phone repair training syllabus

Mobile Phone Repair Training – Basic Chip Level

  • History and basic introduction of mobile phone
  • Introduction to GSM, CDMA  & generation of mobile phone
  • Information about frequencies and channels
  • GPRS, Bluetooth and Infrared
  • WiFi, SIM and IMEI
  • Mobile phone assembly and dis-assembly
  • Various electronic components and overview
  • Chip level soldering and de-soldering

Mobile Phone Training – Software Level 

  • Introduction of various computer parts
  • Computer operating driver installation
  • Software repairing
  • Mobile phone software training (designing and coding)
  • Chinese mobile phone repairing

Basic Electronics & Compete Mobile Hardware Repairing 

  • Introduction to basic electronics
  • Charge
  • Voltage
  • Types of Current
  • Identification of various electronic components
  • Functionalities of various electronic components

Complete Training for Hardware Repairing

  • Tips for mobile repairing
  • Hardware repairing
  • Section of mobile phones
  • Tips to identify and read circuit diagram
  • GSM mobile phones troubleshooting
  • CDMA mobile phones troubleshooting
  • Chinese mobile phones troubleshooting
  • Practically solving mobile faults
  • Tips for service center

Above are the details regarding mobile phone repair training. Generally all the above topics are covered under mobile phone repair training provided by, one of the premium institute in mobile, laptop and other electronic gadgets as well.

Mobile repair training services fix, repair and unlock all type of phones and provide training irrespective of the brand, level of damage and fault. We deal in all type pf basic as well as complex faults like water damaged cell phones, broken LCD screens, speaker, microphone repairs, charging problems, network problems and other minor as well as major problems that could be repaired by our professional experts. is one such repairing center that work on reworking of mobile motherboards, software up-gradation that require acute experience as well as professional skills. provides highly professional repairing services that ensure customers have great experience with our mobile repair training services.
Mobilerepair services include
  • Power on faults
  • Water damage treatment
  • Mobile network problem
  • Mobile software faults
  • Speaker and microphone faults
  • physically damaged phones
  • Charging problems
  • LCD repair and replacements
  • Housing and chassis replacements
  • SP unlocking / SIM restriction removal
  • Flip and Slide problem
  • Software update and up-gradation
  • All other simple as well as complicated problems undertake repairing and fixing of phones such as iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson, Mototola, HTC, LG and China phones as well. Our technical labs are equipped with latest technology equipments that help our professionals to repair all kind of devices and issues. has some of the most experienced technician as well as professionals who are expert in their services, they do fix various kind of problems and fix all complex issues with ease. Our professional experts try their best to offer mobile repair services that could take on the commitment offered by authorized service centers and manufacturers.
Have damaged phone or tablet than make sure you hit our stores or offers tremendous mobile, tablet and smartphone services as well.

Tips to track lost mobile

Mobile is one of the best innovation of modern day technology. People are interested to use mobile and get maximum out of these features. Mobile applications offer better features and functionalities that make sure it help you stay in touch with loved ones and get to know more what  is happening all over the world. Lots of people are interested in using mobile with beautiful features and amazing options. If you are find yourself in middle of night and your lost your mobile. Well below are some of the tips to track lost mobile.

Android Device Manager 

Google has developed in-built mobile application that help you track your lost mobiles. You don’t need to install android device manager separately. In order to use Android device manager you need to enable it and allow it to permission to lock or erase your phone if you trigger it. ADM should be synced to your google account and connected to the internet in order to track your mobile.

Once you enable ADM and Sync it with Google account It will automatically locate your phone and you can click a button to make it ring, lock it, or even erase all your data.

Google Maps History Location 

The other best method to track mobile device is to use Google maps history location even if mobile is turned off or disconnected to internet. If you are tracking your mobile through Google maps history you need to have location reporting and location history activated on your phone.

In order to enable location history feature you need to access Google account through web browser and make sure current time frame is selected, and you can see the last location your phone pinged.

Samsung Find my mobile 

Lost your mobile and track your mobile than you can do it with the help of Samsung Find My Mobile Application. First of all you need to register with Samsung account and setup Samsung Find My Mobile Application. Mobile should be registered as well as connected to internet in order to be tracked.

Check the sidebar on the left to make sure your phone is registered, and select Locate my device. If your device is connected to the internet, it’ll give you an approximate location for your phone.

Bottom Line 

Above are some of the tips to track lost mobile and track whenever you lost your mobile. These apps will help you get hold of your mobiles in minutes with ease.

iPhone Tips for Saving Mobile Data

Worried about increasing bills day by day, well no need to worry any more as you can your mobile data expenses with ease. If you wanna save mobile data so that you can do more what you love the most without worrying about the bill and other expenses. Saving mobile data can just save  your mobile bill expenses. Well, read on to know iphone tips for saving mobile data.

Tip No 1 

Well if you are looking for saving mobile data than you can install Onavo Extend. This application is available for both android as well as iphone. Onavo application compresses all your data that is downloaded over 3G, 4G and EDGE.

Tip No 2

Make sure you avoid video streaming applications like podcasts, youtube,  Spotify, Internet Radio, Online Gaming Portal, Google Maps etc.

Tip No 3 

Go to settings where you will find mail, contacts, calendars than select fetch new data and turn of push. In settings only go to iTunes & App Store and scroll down to automatic downloads for music, apps and updates.

Tip No 4

Make sure you turn off cellular data when you are planning to save mobile data. For that you need to navigate iTunes & App Store in settings and turn off cellular data.

  • Not ending there you can turn off data roaming to save your mobile data.

Tip No 5

In settings go to cellular settings and select cellular data and turn it off. Doing this will restrict the mobile data and you can use Wifi to get auto-updates and much more.

  • Go to notification center and turn off all the notifications.

Tip No 6 

In settings go to general settings and configurations go for Background App Refresh and  Turn off Background App Refresh for unused apps.

Bottom Line 

Above are some of the iphone tips for saving mobile data. Make sure you follow the above tips to save mobile expenses and stay happy as you no need to pay much more for your mobile bills.

Tips to save mobile data

Mobile data is one of the essentials for all the mobile users these days. People are interested to use mobile data to use social networking apps, stay updated with news, what is happening all around the world and many more. With data plans disappearing pretty quickly like rains that are becoming pretty rare its important that you save each and every KB of mobile data that could be used in every diverse situations. Well you can save mobile data as much as you can with these little tips that will reduce mobile data consumption to its half. Read on to know tips to save mobile data.

Compress web pages 

If you are an internet savvy and interested to use mobile data continuously than its advisable that you should compress the webpages in Chrome. You might be surprised to know that only compressing web pages 25% – 30% of your mobile data. The data saver option compresses web pages before loading them in your browser.

Opera’s video compression

Opera browser for Android is one of the best tools to save mobile data when you are planning to watch videos on the go. Opera for Android now has a very useful video compression option, this option allows you to save lots of mobile data when you are on the go. If you are interested to save mobile data than you need to set the following settings.

  1. Go to data settings.
  2. Select data savings option.
  3. Find video compression option and select enable it.

Ditch the facebook app

Everyone knows that facebook mobile application is one of the biggest consumption of mobile data. Not only mobile data facebook drains mobile battery even more quicker than compare to all other mobile applications. Even though facebook lite reduces the mobile data consumption by 50% but still its not enough to save the mobile data.

  • Well here is the alternative for facebook app or even for facebook lite is to use Tinfoil for Facebook, which is simply a web app that displays the Facebook website.

Disable auto-updating apps

Another one of the biggest reason why mobile data get consumed pretty quickly is that when you keep applications on auto-update mode. If you are planning to save mobile data than you should keep auto-update of apps for WiFi network only.

Bottom Line

Above are some of the tips to save mobile data with ease. If you are pretty much interested to save your mobile expenses you must follow these tips and stay happy.

Tips to save money on your mobile phone

Mobile phone is one of the most beautiful things that is the best gift of innovation. If you are planning to buy a new mobile? Well take a few minutes if you could continue and stay in touch with loved ones. You can reduce the cost of your upgrade and mobile phone bills. There are various hidden costs that put burden on your pocket. Getting a new latest mobile could be very much expensive if you are planning to buy latest mobile with latest features and options. Below are some of the tips to save money on your mobile phone.

Do your research 

Before buying any mobile make sure you do lot of research. Get feedback from friends, customers who bought mobiles, go online and get reviews from various resources.

Pay for what you need

While using mobile make sure you choose plans which are suitable for you. Pay what you need, don’t sign up to an expensive unlimited data plan. Choose the deal which is best for you.

Think twice before renewing plans 

If you are using postpaid plans mobile operators or subscribers will try their best to keep using their plans and services. Mobile operators might offer you cheaper plans so that you could subscribe to their services.

Stick to your old mobile 

If you are ok with old mobiles than its better you should not go for new mobiles. Mobile phones with affordable features will make easy for you to save your expenses on mobiles.

Bottom Line 

Above are some of the tips to save money on your mobile phone. Cutting down the mobile expenses will save money and could get better deals with ease.

Methods to make phone battery last longer

Many of using mobiles these days than landline phones. Mobile phones come with Lithium Batteries which require maintenance. Its pretty much important to maintain them properly when you are using mobiles. Smartphone batteries doesn’t last longer as they offer lot of features and options. Its pretty hard to maintain them effectively. Read on to know various methods to make phone battery last longer.

Increase the time between charges 

Turn off mobile 

  • Make sure you turn off your mobile when you are not using it. Turn on/off mobile when you are not using it ans conserve the battery power.
  • If you are planning to save battery make sure you switch off your mobile when you’re sleeping or after business hours.
  • When there is not network available like while moving in train, buses, subways and in flights.

Stop Searching for Signals 

  • When you are in area where there is no or weak signal phone will try to search for signals for better connection.
  • Constantly searching for signals will consume lot of power.
  • They best ways to save battery power is to ensure you have strong signal strength. If there is weak signal make sure you turn off the mobiles.

Don’t follow full charge and full discharge 

  • Avoid letting your cellphone battery go down all the way to zero and charge it again.
  • Letting them get too low can damage the battery that could effect its performance.


  • Never keep your mobile in vibrate mode and always keep it in ringtone mode. Make sure you keep mobile ringtone as low as possible.
  • Turn off the phone back light when you are not using it. Phone light makes it easier to read, use mobile phone which is not possible without battery power.
  • Shorten the back light time and keep it as low as possible. One or two seconds will be sufficient that ensure battery last longer.
  • Avoid unnecessary features when you are looking to save battery power. Don’t use camera, internet and other features which might not be necessary at all.
  • If you are interested to save battery power keep your mobile calls short. Make an excuse saying that battery is dying and save the power as much as you can.
  • Turn off the battery that drains mobile battery quickly.
  • Turn the brightness of the display to the lowest setting as possible.
  • Avoid using moving or animated pictures or videos for your background.

Bottom Line 

Above are some of the  methods to make phone battery last longer and make mobile battery last longer. Follow above methods and tips to save battery with and extend its performance.