Mobile Repair Resume

Mobile is one of the most beautiful thing that has ever happened with everyday inventions. Mobile industry offer lots of opportunities to maker career in mobile industry. Mobile repairers / technician work in several service units where they repair broken as well as damaged mobile phones and bring them back to their original level of efficiency. As a mobile repair technician you need to take charge of mobiles and find out the possible faults that is affecting mobile functionality. As a mobile technician you need to replace battery in case it gets exhausted, reconnects and tightens the wirings in case of lose connections, mends the worn out parts or inserts new componentsRead on to know mobile repair resume.

Mobile Repair Resume Example 

Name – ABCD

Address – XYZ

Telephone – 99999999

Address – XYZ

Career Objective – A tech savvy person with vast experience in working with precision tools and mobile technology is looking for a mobile repair technician position to help customers enjoy their smartphones with my repairing skills.

Key Skills

  • Vast knowledge of operating and repairing different models of mobile phones
  • Very much familiar with telecommunication systems such as GSM, CDMA, WDMA, etc
  • Skilled at handling the minute components of the mobile phones carefully
  • Very much patience and high communication skills to communicate with customers with ease
  • Handling and maintaining records of completed work as well as repair

Work Experience

Mobile Repair Technician 

  • Listen to problems and complaints regarding any malfunction of mobiles and much more
  • Perform through examination of mobiles and to try to find problems
  • Provide quote and possible delivery once mobile is repaired
  • Deal with clients and receive fees and perform assigned operations
  • Repair water damaged failure of locking, hanging or slowing of the mobile phones
  • Repair damaged screen, if possible repair replace it with new one

Bottom Line

Above is the mobile repair sample resume that will give the idea about how a mobile technician resume should be. Make sure you go through these simple tips for preparing mobile repair resume.

Mobile Industry Acronyms

Mobile is one of the leading technology which has gained more and more popularity over the years. There are lots of people who are interested, adopt mobile world technologies to make everyone’s lives easier. If you are using mobiles you should be aware of basic terms and acronyms that are used in mobile industry. Read on to know various mobile industry acronyms.

  • ASCII – American Standard Code for Information Interchange
  • B – ISDN – Broadband ISDN
  • CDMA –  Code Division Multiple Access
  • CDPD – Cellular Digital Packet Data
  • EDGE – Enhanced Data for GSM Evolution
  • EIR – Equipment identity register
  • GPRS – General Packet Radio Service
  • GPS – Global Positioning System
  • IMAP – Internet Mail Access Protocol
  • IMEI – International Mobile Equipment Identity
  • IMN – Intelligent Mobile Network
  • IMT – 2000 – International Mobile Telecommunications 2000
  • IMSI – International Mobile Subscriber Identity
  • MDN –  Mobile Directory Number
  • MIN – Mobile Identification Number
  • MLS – Mobile Location Service
  • MS – Mobile Station
  • MSC – Mobile Switching Center
  • MSS – Mobile Satellite Service
  • MTS – Message Telecommunication Service
  • MTSO – Mobile Telephone Switching Office
  • SMS –  Short Message Service
  • SMSC – Short Message Service Center
  • TDMA – Time Division Multiple Access
  • TO – Telecommunication Operator
  • W- CDMA – Wideband – Code Division Multiple Access

Bottom Line 

Above are some of the mobile industry acronyms. These acronyms will give information about various terms that are used in mobile industry. While using mobiles make sure you know these little terms that might affect your lives day in and day out.

Mobile Phone Sensors

Mobile phone is one of the best gift of innovation of the 20 century. Lots of people are interested to use mobile these days. Mobile technology has evolved over the years that made lives easy for all the people. Modern day mobile phones come with a variety of sensors that automate or easy many of our daily tasks. Mobile sensor made tasks of many people very  much simple with help of simple gestures and touches. Read on to know complete information about mobile phone sensors.

Accelerometer – Accelerometer is one of the most common sensor used in modern day mobile these days. it measures the acceleration that the handset is experiencing relative to freefall. Accelerometer is used to determine a device’s orientation along its three axes.

Gyroscope –  Gyroscope is a sensor that provides orientation information with precision. With Gyroscope Android mobile Photo Sphere camera feature can tell how much a phone has been rotated and in which direction.

Magnetometer – Its is one of the sensor used in mobile phones these days. Magnetometer meter helps in detecting magnetic fields. The magnetometer is one of the sensors that compass applications use to point at the planet’s north pole.

Proximity Sensor – Proximity sensor is one of the sensor used in mobiles these days. Its placed near the earpiece of a phone. Proximity sensor consists of an infrared LED and an IR light detector. Its placed  near earpiece of mobile whenever you place your mobile near your ear it detects that you might be in call and it automatically turns off the screen.

Light Sensor – Mobile phone light sensor helps in measuring how bright the ambient light is. Light sensor along with mobile software helps in automatically adjusting mobile brightness. When light is dark it automatically increase the brightness of your mobile, similarly when light is full it reduces the mobile brightness with ease.

Barometer – High end mobiles have a built-in barometer that helps in measuring the atmospheric pressure. Barometer helps in measuring the accurate GPS location and determine how far mobile is placed above the sea level.

Thermometer – Thermometer is used in measuring the ambient temperature. They are used to monitor the temperature inside the device and its battery. If a component is detected to be overheating, the system shuts itself down to prevent damage. Now a days every mobile is having thermometer that help you determine the temperature with ease.

Pedometer – Worried about health and fitness you can could use pedometer. Pedometer helps in counting the number of steps that the user has taken. Google Nexus 5 is is among the few phones that have a true pedometer built into them.

Heart rate monitor –   it is made to measure one’s pulse, and it does that by detecting the minute pulsations of the blood vessels inside one’s finger.

Fingerprint sensor – Fingerprint scanners are most often used as an extra layer of security – as a substitute for a lock screen password. High end models and leading mobiles have fingerprint sensors that help uses secure mobiles more preciously.

iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One Max are some of the leading mobiles that have fingerprint sensor embedded in them.

Bottom Line

Above are some of the mobile sensors that are used in everyday mobile these days. These sensors help mobile users detect locations with precision, measure temperature, save mobile battery and much more.

Mobile repair workshop

Mobile industry is one of the leading industry that is offering lots of opportunities for young enthusiastic professionals to make career in mobile repair industry. Mobile repair workshop provide students with expert repair knowledge and advanced repair skills that will separate you from your competition. is one of the leading mobile institute in India that offer unique training style incorporates both classroom education and hands-on real world repair scenarios. Read on to know mobile repair workshop

Who could join Mobile Repair Workshop ?

If you are enthusiastic to learn about mobile technology and how it is evolving over the years, a beginner who do have a basic knowledge of mobile and its technology, want to upgrade the skills that are required to sustain in mobile industry and anyone who is interested.

Persons who are interested to expand their business want to learn how to repair and startup your own cell phone repair business, you can learn from scratch about mobile repair. Below are the details about mobile repair workshop. Various workshops offer different mobile repair workshop ranging from 1 day to 5 days.

Highlights of Mobile repair workshop

  • Disassembly and Assembly of various styles of mobile devices and identify major components
  • Lens removal and replacement, effective field techniques, advanced iPhone tear down including repair and discussion
  • Water damage repair solutions on circuit board repairs
  • Advanced level circuit repair boards
  • Advanced logical troubleshooting techniques and Business Operations Training
  • Advanced repair training and effective solutions for all kind of repair and damages

Above are some of the highlights of mobile repair workshop that is offered by Interested to learn about mobile repair you can join workshop conducted by



Gaming Console Repair is one of the leading mobile repair, laptop, console repair organization as well. We do offer gaming console repair for any models like Nintendo Wii Repairs, PS3 repairs, Xbox 360 Repairs and much more. If you are interested to get your gaming console repair at our esteemed organization where thorough professional get rid of all kind of problems you are facing with ease. Read on to know more about gaming console repair.

If you are interested to opt for gaming console services all you have to do is get your Gaming consoles at one of our locations or you can send it via speed post. Once we get the mail sent by you our esteemed professional look at it and see what is the problem with it.

Once everything is checked executives will get back to you on given contact number with complete details of what are the repairs that has to be performed and how much time it will take to finish the repairs, what might be the expected delivery of product that has been finished and much more.

We do offer warranty on all the products that are offered by us while repair gaming console. Below are some of the common gaming console repairs.

  • Red ring of death
  • Yellow ring of death
  • E74 error
  • E73 error
  • No Audio
  • No Picture
  • Open Tray Error
  • Laser Replacement
  • No Power

As a customer you should remember that all gaming console repair will take time and you have to show some patience while repairing your gaming console.


How to track lost mobile using IMEI number

Worried that you lost your mobile, no need to worry as you can track, block your stolen mobile with ease. You can block your mobile using IMEI number if you are not able to recover or track it. To do all these things you should know IMEI number of mobile phone. Tracking a stolen mobile is a time consuming process so you have to be patient. You need to go to police station in your local area and register a FIR that your mobile phone is stolen. Keep reading to know how to track lost mobile using IMEI number.

Once you register FIR take the FIR along with IMEI number and contact the service provider. Then they will help you track the the mobile phone location.

With IMEI number mobile service provider they not only track your mobile they can block the lost mobile until its found. Not ending there you can unblock your mobile once its found. Thieves are pretty much smart and they change the mobile once they get any mobile phone. You should remember one thing that using IMEI you can track mobile irrespective of SIM has been changed or not. All mobile subscribers use same blacklist database to block and track mobiles.

How IMEI works to track mobile phone

IMEI is a unique alphanumeric mobile number that help you track your mobiles with ease. Once the lost mobile is switched on the IMEI is sent to Equipment Identity Register database. All mobile service provider maintain three different categories for IMEI numbers that are;

  • white listed
  • Grey listed
  • Black listed

Mobile service provider can block any mobile by just placing the IMEI number in black list. Up on entering the IMEI number in black list the mobile become useless and you can’t use it at all.

Not ending there mobile operators use IMEI and GPS to track and block the mobile phones with ease. These days lots of mobile phones get stolen so they don’t track mobile phones these days. In some special cases they do concentrate on IMEI and GPS to track mobile devices with ease.

Remember you can block mobile as well as SIM cards to prevent fraudulent use of mobiles as well as SIM cards. tracking mobile using IMEI could be useful for basic applications. There are lots of smart phone available in market that could be tracked using Android device manager once they are stolen.

How to repair cell phone charger

Cell phone chargers are pretty much mandatory when you are using mobile, smartphone these days. In fact mobile chargers are necessity when you are using mobile phone these days. Generally mobile phone chargers are made up of an AC adapter that is connected to a thin wire and set of prongs that insert into the charging port of your cell phone. There are many reasons your mobile charger might get damaged. Read on to know how to repair cell phone charger.

You might jammed your mobile charger in some sharp object, tweaked chargers pin in rough manner are some of the common mistakes that damages your cell phone charger. Charger wire might be broken or the prongs on the end of the charger could be bend easily and completely with ease.

Tools required for repairing cell phone charger 

  • Tweezers
  • Wire Strippers
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Electrical Tape

Bent Prongs 

Wanna detect what the problem is you need to view throngs through a magnifying glass on the end of the charger that is farthest from the AC adapter. This observation will help you accurately identify the damage.

  • Make sure you grab the end of damaged prongs with a pair of tweezers and pull the prong gently to a straight position
  • Worried about charger pin than test it straightness by pressing the charger pin against the charging port.
  • Prong should slide in gently when you are inserting it into mobile charging point.

Broken or frayed wire 

If the cord of your mobile charger is frayed than make sure you cut the cord with the help of scissors. Make sure you remove the wire of your charger and replace it with the new one. Strip about an inch of insulation from both sides of the cut. Doing this will expose the metal wires that are present in the cord.

  • Twist these metal wire that are matching in color. Remember that wire colors might vary depending on the mobile models

Above are some of the methods that will answer question like how to repair cell phone charger. These tips might be helpful in rectifying the mobile charger with ease.

How to Repair your mobile battery

Mobile phones are increasingly important for both personal as well as professional life. These mobiles have completely changed the landscape of digital world. All these mobiles run on Li-Ion batteries that are rechargeable. Its human tendency to get frustrated when your mobile battery is draining pretty fast and its lasting for very short span of time. Even though Lithium batteries have much more energy, they are lighter and smaller as well. But these batteries are unpredictable. If the lithium battery is not holding a charge for long, there are ways to repair it. You can increase the battery life of your Lithium battery by following just simple steps. Read on to know how to repair your mobile battery.

How to repair a wet battery 

  • Generally mobile batteries get wet due to incidental circumstances.
  • Portable devices face lot of danger compare to non portable devices. Mobile being a portable device is prone to lot of danger. Water damage to your phone will be a huge disaster.
  • You need to react immediately if mobile battery gets wet which prevents it from further damages. Immediately remove the battery from the phone using a small set of your fingers.
  • Generally water damages the total functionality of motherboard and battery functioning. Immediately removing the battery from mobile will lessen the impact of water.
  • Shake the battery, phone to get rid of excess water from your mobile. Use cotton or towels to remove excess water from the surface.

How to fix a battery that doesn’t hold a charge

  • Probably this might be the biggest frustrating problem as you might miss some important phone calls, text, miss appointments and much more.
  • Wanna extend battery life make sure you turn off or uninstall the applications that are not at all useful.
  • There are hell lot of applications that might be useful but cellular carriers have loaded these applications with lot of third party and useless applications.
  • These little applications will drain your mobile battery like anything, which makes it pretty much difficult for battery to hold the charge for longer periods.
  • One of the simplest is allowing the battery to die completely and then charging the battery for two to three days while the phone remains off.

Remove SIM and Charge

  • Remove SIM from your mobile and keep lithium battery away for minute or two. Then only keep the battery and charge your mobile battery full.
  • Make sure you power your mobile phone and this don’t insert the SIM card. Let mobile run simply like that and wait for it drain automatically.
  • Once this is done remove the battery from your mobile and insert the SIM card as well as battery. Now mobile battery is expected to hold longer.

Physically repairing the mobile battery 

  • Physically repairing the mobile battery is pretty much simple. In fact you can use household tools to repair mobile battery with ease.

Cold Storage 

Cold storage treatment is one of the methods that helps in repairing the mobile battery. Wrap newspaper and two layer of plastic wrap and keep the battery in freezer for two days. Once you remove it from freezer keep it in cool dry place. Replace the battery and charge it again.

  • Placing the battery in cold areas reduces  leakage current, which increases the power.

Oxidation Removal

Take an eraser and gently wipe off the metals that are present on mobile battery. This method will help weak battery to last longer.

Above are some of the methods on how to repair your mobile battery. Make sure you follow these steps and increase the battery power with ease.

How to repair mobile speaker

Have problems hearing others and they could just hear you fine than it might be a problem of speaker not working properly. Have you ever tried mobile hands free or even Bluetooth than headset in order to have a conversation with someone? If so then your phones internal speaker is acting up. Mobile speaker issues might frustrate lot of mobile users as it is pretty much annoying and could ruin your day for good. Read on to know how to repair mobile speaker.

Network Problem

  • If any of your friends or loved ones are not able to hear your voice than there is static, distortions, robot voices, cross chatter, echoes, or only seems to work properly in certain locations and it doesn’t matter irrespective of what you are using.
  • No matter where you are and in which you are using mobile phone these issues won’t resolve unless and until you contact wireless provider.
  • There is nothing much you can do about network issues unless they are solved by wireless network provider.


  • If network issues are persistent and you can’t hear others speaking no matter where you are when using your phone then chances are that this issue is hardware related.
  • The chances are mobile speaker is damaged or simply malfunctioned and will need to be replaced.


  • If mobile network issues is not constant at all and audio comes and goes or works with some features but not others than it will be a software problem rather than hardware problem.
  • Have you ever observed mobiles ringing perfectly like alarm clock, ringtone and speaker etc and all of a sudden mobile sound is not functioning (as you are not getting sound for games and others) than it will be a problem of software.

Backup and reset 

Mobile network issues could be solved pretty much easily but it might ruin your day pretty easily. If you are willing to solve the issues related to network than you choose backup and reset method. Make sure you take backup of all your important files and applications than go for hard reset. Hard reset will totally change the configuration of your mobile so its important that you do backup and reset pretty carefully.

Above ares some of the basic information on how to repair mobile speaker. You can fix these issues with ease by removing the applications that are affecting the speaker functionality. Make sure you check all the applications and fix the issues immediately.

How to repair mobile touchscreen

Worried about mobile touchscreen not working than no need to worry you can fix all your mobile problems with ease. With rigorous usage mobile phone touch screen might work or sometime it isn’t. You can prevent and fix the touchscreen issues with ease. You can solve the mobile touchscreen issues with ease. Just restart your mobile phone if touchscreen is not responding. All you have to do is restart your mobile and try to see whether your mobile touch is working or not. Read on to know how to repair mobile touchscreen.

Android problems can be fixed by following some simple steps. But again all smart phone issues could be solved by following some simple steps. The general process should be the same on most Android smartphones but could differ slightly from device to device. If you wanna check touchscreen of your mobile all you have to do is open cell phone device diagnostic tool. Here are simple steps to open device diagnostic tool on your Android device.

  • *#7353# – is a command generally used for Samsung Android mobile phones.
  • *#*#3424#*#* – generally used to open HTC diagnostic tools
  • *#*#7378423#*#* or *#*#SERVICE#*#* – is a command used to open android diagnostic tool in Sony experia mobiles.
  • *#0*# could be used to open the Device Diagnostic Tool on a Motorola mobile phones.

Once you type these commands Device Diagnostics Tool should appear. There are different options that will be displayed when you open device diagnostic tools you need to select TSP dot mode and TSP grid mode which helps you test the touchscreen of your mobile device.

If your mobile phone passes the touchscreen diagnostic test then the next step will be to try and pinpoint and resolve the software issues.

Battery Pull 

Physically removing the battery while the phone is on is a type of soft reset that you can perform on an Android smartphone and can also help to resolve minor software issues. This method might fix minor software issues with ease.

Safe Mode 

Safe Mode is a great troubleshooting tool as it instructs an Android cell phone to run with no third party applications. This methods helps in preventing the third part applications to malfunction and cause the damage to your mobile device.

Hard Reset 

Hard rest is one of the most powerful tool in the arsenal of mobile repairing when you are planning to fix the issues related to touchscreen problems and other issues with ease.

Above are some of the methods that might be on how to repair mobile touchscreen. Make sure you follow these tips and fix minor issues that are generally associated with Android mobile phones.