Mobile phone hacking

Mobile phone hacking is one of the practice of intercepting telephone calls or voicemail messages, often by accessing the voicemail messages of a mobile phone without the consent of the phone’s owner. Mobile phone hacking is the most common threat these days. Although many mobile phones can be hacked but mobile phone hackers target people who are famous, rich or powerful or whose prize is important enough. Read on to know about mobile phone hacking.

There are many techniques used by mobile phone hackers to get maximum information as much as they could. Phone hacking often involves unauthorized access to the voicemail of a mobile phone.

Mobile Phone Insurance

Mobile phone market is on the rise thanks largely due to new innovations, technology and features that are on offer from various mobiles. People are interested to put large sums of money on various expensive mobiles and gadgets. Specially smartphones have completely changed the landscape of mobile phone arena. What ironic is people are interested to put bucks to buy expensive mobiles but they are not willing to insure their mobile phones. Read on to know mobile phone insurance.

We use mobile phones to stay in touch with our loves ones and literally they are the one that you can’t live without them quite literally. We do capture snaps, listen to music and stay in touch with loved ones. Carrying a mobile phone is pretty dangerous irrespective of its expensive or cheap. There are many chances that you might lose your mobile, someone would  have stolen your mobile, there might be any damage that might have taken your smartphone from you.

Mobile Phone Insurance details

With increase in the mobile phone thefts encouraged users to insure their mobile phones. Mobile phone insurance is pretty much mandatory for owners who are interested to secure their mobiles.

A mobile phone insurance policy cover following things

  1. Theft
  2. Fire
  3. Riot, malicious damage, strike and terrorist activities
  4. Accidents
  5. Unexpected circumstances

Whenever you buy a mobile phone sales person or that particular mobile manufacturer might offer you mobile insurance on your handset which might cost you bucks on monthly basis. There are many companies that offers mobile phone insurance and cost, levels of cover may vary significantly.

Make sure you pay attention to phone insurance policy and see what are the things that are covered under insurance policy. There are chances that you might be paying for damages and repairs that are covered under warranty. Its useless to pay for damages that are covered under warranty.

Other things to look out for on a policy include:

  • Insurance for unauthorised calls and downloads
  • Overseas protection
  • Accidental damage cover
  • Insurance for phone accessories
  • Cover for phone content such as music, games and apps

Bottom Line 

Above is the valuable information related to mobile phone insurance. Make sure you follow these tips and choose insurance policies that are very much valuable for you.

Mobile Phone Jammer

Mobile phone jammer is an instrument which is used to prevent cellular phones from receiving signals from base station. In simple terms mobile phone Jammer simply disables cellular phones. Mobile phone jammers could be used any where irrespective of location, weather or infrastructure that disables the mobile connections completely. Generally mobile phone jammers are used where mobile phone usage is restricted. Read on to know about mobile phone jammer.

In sensitive locations, highways, hospitals, military base where sensitivity and security is more mobile phone jammers are installed. These mobile phone jammer makes it easy for anyone to jam mobile signals with ease

Mobile Phone Gadgets

Mobile is one of the best gifts of modern day technology. Lots of people are interested to use mobiles and make their lives pretty much simple and easier. There are many mobile phone gadgets and accessories that are making mobile phone users make lives pretty much easy. Mobile phone gadgets are offered at very much affordable.Read on to know mobile phone gadgets.

  • SIM card adapter set
  • Multimedia Bluetooth Controller
  • Wireless charging receiver
  • Anti-lost alarm
  • Mobile phone signal repeater
  • Smart NFC tags
  • Wireless Bluetooth Selfie stick
  • Universal car phone holder
  • Car phone suction cup holder
  • Universal wide angle fish eye clip
  • Anti dust plug

Mobile Phone Models

Mobile is one of the best thing that has ever happened in 20 century. There are lots of people who are interested to use mobiles that offer bundle of features along with various options that make lives pretty easy and simple for most of the people. Not ending there technology has evolved so much so that people are using smartphones and various smart devices that is making life pretty simple and you can do whatever you can from your mobile phone. Read on know various mobile phone models.

There are many mobile phone manufacturers that are concentrating on mobile manufacturing with high end features and options. Below is a list of mobile phone models that might create buzz in mobile phone industry.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  • Huawei Nexus 6P
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • OnePlus 2
  • LG Nexus 5X
  • Sony Xperia Z5
  • LG G4
  • Honor 7
  • Moto X Style
  • Asus Zenfone


Mobile Phone Manufacturers

Mobile phone technology is one of the best gifts of modern day technology. People are interested to use mobiles these days just because they are getting pretty good offers that is making their lives pretty simple and easy. With the increase in technology and every day demand mobile phone manufacturers are interested to come up with new mobiles with high end features that make their lives pretty simple. Earlier there weren’t many mobile phone manufactures in the market that would offer people lots of customers. Read on to know about mobile phone manufacturers.

There are many mobile phone manufacturers in India that offer variety of handsets with distinct features. Some of them are successful and some aren’t. Below is a list of best/leading mobile phone manufacturers.

  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Apple
  • HTC
  • SONY
  • Microsoft
  • BlackBerry
  • Motorola
  • Nokia
  • Huawei
  • Asus
  • Lenovo and much more

Mobile Phone Networks

Mobile is one of the leading innovations of modern day technology. Lots of people are interested to use mobiles these days. Mobile phone works on wireless technology and it uses SIM (subscriber identity module). In the early days people use to come for use wired phone that help them stay in touch with loved ones. Now days people are using mobile phones which was possible only with the help of wireless mobile phone networks. Read on to know various mobile networks in India.

There are many mobile phone networks in India that are offering cellular services at very much affordable prices. They do offer wide range of coverage for 3G and 2G, innovative services, attractive tariffs calls, mobile data and much more

Mobile Phone Tracker

Mobile phone tracker help you track the mobile devices irrespective of mobile position or location whether stationary or moving. Mobile tracker helps in various ways to located your loved ones. The mobile tracking phenomenon takes place  with the help of multilateration of radio signals between radio towers of the various networks and the mobile phone. The other method is simply with the help of GPS. These things will help you track your mobile irrespective of their positions. Read on to know more about mobile phone tracker.

Mobile phone tracker helps you in determining the location of mobiles in case if it is stolen with the help of GPS and radio signals. There are many mobile phone tracker, mobile phone tracker software that are available that help you determine the location of your mobile pretty easily.

Mobile phone tracker application will only work with smartphone that have Android, ios operating systems etc. There are many mobile phone trackers that are available that help you track your mobile pretty easily. Below are some of the mobile tracking software that might used to track stolen mobiles.

  • Easy locator
  • Aspicore GSM tracker
  • Wave secure
  • Flexispy (suitable for iphone and ipad tracking)
  • Highster mobile spy (best suitable for Android tracking)
  • mSpy
  • Spyera

Mobile phone trackers are pretty much useful to keep an eye on what your children are doing, monitor the operations they are performing on their mobile, employers can keep an eye on whether employees are using assigned mobile for work related issues only. A good mobile phone tracker will give you the best answers you might need.

Benefits of using mobile phone tracker

  • Easy to use cell phone trackers could be installed pretty easily. No need to pay much attention to the navigation menus and all. All you have to do is navigate to easy to use mobile tracking functionalities.
  • There are no headaches of installing these wonderful applications as you can install these applications pretty easily.
  • There are many cell phone tracking applications that are versatile in nature. So no need to spend your precious time in searching various applications and all.
  • cell phone tracking applications are pretty simple and cheap. You don’t have to spend any bucks to get these wonderful applications.

Bottom Line

Above is the information related to mobile phone tracking. Make sure you go through this little piece of information that will might be helpful in selecting the best cell phone tracking device.

Smartphone Repair Training Course

Smartphone is one of the leading mobile phones that are trending in digital world. Lots of people are interested to use smartphones, if there are any faults they want to get it repaired pretty quickly as smartphones have changed the landscape of mobile industry with ease. There are many cases where customer use to visit mobile stores (authorized one). Its impossible to reach authorized center each and every time. Being able to repair smartphone for people in your local area could give you a great opportunity to start your own business. Read on to know about smartphone repair training course.

In order to repair smartphone as a smartphone technician you need to have through knowledge of smartphones, how they work and information about internal components. If you are interested to learn about smartphones, their repairs and get maximum knowledge as much as you can is learn smartphone repair course.

Mobile repair interview questions

Mobile repair is one of the leading industry that offer lots of opportunities to earn your livelihood with ease. There are lots of people are who are interested to learn and make career in mobile industry. With everyday increasing demand in mobiles and smartphones mobile repair industry is offering lots of opportunities for everyone to stay ahead in competition acquire more and more skills that help them to stay happy in mobile repair industry. Below are some of the mobile repair interview questions.

These mobile repair interview questions will help you understand that basic as well common questions that are asked in mobile interview questions.

Tell me about your ability to work under pressure ?

Answering Tip – If you are an experienced professional you can say that you thrive in these pressure situations that motivate you to perform well.  Its better you give an example of any previous situation that have face in your previous jobs.

Make sure you give example that suits the position you have applied for. For example, working under pressure to meet a customer’s deadline could be a good example

Do you have any experience in the field of mobile or mobile phone technician position ?

Answering Tip – Speak about area of your expertise and make sure you explain the things that make suitable for that particular position. If you don’t have any experience than make sure you convince them that you deserve a chance to fill that particular position.

Tell the employer what responsibilities you were performing during your job. You can tell what programs you developed and what modules you worked on and much more.

Could you tell me the reason you left your previous job?    

Answering Tips – Never make false statement about your previous employer and complain about them. Make sure you give positive feedback about your previous employers. Make sure you give genuine reasons why you want to move to new companies.

Above are some of the questions that are most common interview questions related to mobile repair technician. Well read on to know more and more mobile repair interview questions that might help you crack a job in mobile industry.

  1. What are the qualities make you think you can succeed as a mobile repair technician?
  2. What is salary you are expecting once you are hired for this position?
  3. Describe that are pretty much mandatory when you are looking to prolong your career in mobile repair industry.
  4. Can you list out the skills/techniques you might have used working as a mobile repair technician.
  5. What is the difficult task you have ever faced while repairing mobile, smartphone or even tablets.
  6. Can you list out the primary tasks a mobile technician must perform.
  7. What are the things you have learned from your previous jobs experience.
  8. Can you list out the popular mistakes which a mobile phone technician often faces and how to handle them.

Bottom Line 

Above are some of the mobile repair interview questions that might be asked when you are planning to apply for mobile repair technician job.