How Mobile Number Portability Works

Technology has evolved over the years and mobile number portability is one of the best you could ever have from these evolutions. With mobile number portability you can switch from one network to another network without any tension.Luckily mobile number portability has made it easy for all of you switch networks with ease. Read on to know how mobile number portability works.
When it comes to choosing network there are 7 companies that are providing tele services. BSNL, Airtel, Idea, Telenor, Vodafone and etc are some of the telecom operators in India.Though we have wide range of options to choose from there are people are who don’t like the current services they might be using. Earlier to change network was pretty hard and you could lose your contacts with ease. Worried about losing mobile contacts Mobile number portability will answer all your queries with ease. So, we need all the contacts be it for personal, professional or general reasons.
Mobile number portability will give you the option of switching the networks with ease. MNP facility is available in state regions only that allow customers to move from one network to another network. If you are pretty much interested to switch networks all you have to do is look for better suitable service provider and move to it with MNP.
Mobile number portability are available for both prepaid and postpaid services. Once the ported number should continue with the new operator for a minimum of three months. Cannot port your number to any other operatior in this three months.
Steps to port your number 
  • All you have to do is type a message PORT <space> Mobile Number and send it to 1900. Once you send the said message, you will get UPC code which is valid for 15 days.
  • Go to telecom service center in which you are interested to move to. Ask for MNP form and mention the UPC code received by you.
  • The new service provider will get a confirmation from the old customer service provider and your request for Mobile number portability could be processed further.
  • There are some third parties that are helping the telecom companies in India.
  • According to TRAI rules request for mobile number portability would be processed in just 4 days.

Above is the valuable information on how mobile number portability works in India. If you are interested to port your existing number you can go for mobile number portability services which are offered by all mobile subscribers.

How mobile touch screen works

Mobile technology has evolved over the years. Lots of changes came in since the inception of mobile phones. Touch screen mobiles are one of the best gifts given by these changes. People were amazed when they first seen the touch mobiles. Earlier touch screen mobiles were considered very much difficult to use for common man. Luckily people are interested to learn new things and these days people are using touch mobiles at will. Not ending there mobile markets are filled with huge number of models.
I remember the first time, how amazed i was! When i first saw this screen that just works with a touch of a finger tip. It was kind of fun to watch how things fell like at fingertips and oh! That is touchscreen.Over the years befinitly not long, touchscreen evolved itsself technically, look feel and touch.

Other than vigirously playing with the touch screen developments, even idealy for timepass, it never ouccerd until recently somebody asked me how this magic actually happens,do you know?


There are two types of touch screens, that are offered and are currently used for vicarious purpouses in the market.
Resistive Touch Screen – Resistive touch screen models are pretty much outdated as lot of mobile manufacturers are using capacitive touch screen models. The resistive touch screen is a combination of a glass panel which is covered with a conductive and a resistive metallic layer. The top is covered with a scratch resistant panel and both these layers are separated by spacers.
  • Once you touch the screen an electric current is set up between the conductive and resistive layers which coordinate to the point of the touch.
  • Electric filed is translated by the drivers and enables your device to respond to touch.
  • Resistive touch screen models are pretty much responsive and durable.
  • You can use resistive touch screens with care fingers, gloves and stylus.
  • Multi touch option is not available with resistive touch screens.
  • Poor visibility that makes it difficult for you to see your mobile in sun light
Capacitive Touch Screen 
These type of touch screen models are build on capacitors. A capacitor is an electric circuit that has two conductive electrodes separated by insulating space.
  • Great visibility even in bright sunlight
  • Multi touch input is accepted
  • Very much durable
Above is the valuable information on how mobile touch screen works. Make sure you aware of this information related to how mobile touch screen works.

Mobile Repair Career

Everyday technology is increasing rapidly and people are interested to adopt those changes with open arms. Mobile industry is one of the those ever growing arena that is offering lot of opportunities to make it big. As they say its now or never. This is the best time to learn and get maximum knowledge as much as you can.
If you are pretty much interested to learn and acquire skills need for mobile repair you could reap rewards in years to come with ease. Mobile repair technician is one of the best career options you have. Whether you own a mobile shop or willing to work as a free lancer mobile repair career might take you to new levels and you could move ahead in your career with new opportunities and knowledge.
Crazy about mobile or electronic gadgets our mobile repair course will help you have a smooth ride while learning and earing as a mobile technician.
You don’t need any particular educational background all you have to do is trust our faculty that offer easy and better teachings that help you stay in touch with latest technology and trends.
Interested to learn mobile repair you need to answer few questions that help you while learning the mobile repair course. Gone are the days when people used to throw damaged cell phones. Mobiles have gone expensive and people are not willing to lose that hard earned money. So mobile technician demand has increased. Interested to learn new things about mobile repair register with us and get good knowledge on how mobiles should be repaired professionally.

Mobile Repair Basic Electronics

Just the List of components and their brief explanation. Below are some basic mobile repair basic electronics, make sure you follow them and know them completely so that you can identify them on mobile motherboard with ease.
Basic electronic for all chip level courses:
ATOM: The smallest of an element which cannot exists in Free State but takes part in chemical changes and possess all the properties of the parent Element is called an atom.It has three main parts.
a) Neutron b) proton c) electron
  • Neutron: Neutron has no charge because it contains protons and electrons in equal number.
  • Proton: The proton is relatively heavy art of an atom with a positive charge
  • Electron: Electron in any is very light in comparison to protons
Current: The rate pf flow of electrons per second is called current and it is measured in amperes ammeter or millimeter to measure.
Voltage: The potential difference between two end is called voltage represented in ‘V’ voltmeter is used to millimeter.
Power: The total energy consumed by an electric or an electronic device is called power and it is measured in watts it is abbreviated as w.basic unites: watts (w).
  • Alternate Current (A.C): The rate of flow of current is in bidirectional
  • Direct Current (D.C): The rate of flow of current is in direction.
Resistor: Resistor is a basic electronic device used to resist that is used to resist the flow of current in any given circuit. It act as resistance to the passage of the current in any circuit. Resistor reduces current flow as well as lowers the voltage levels within any electronic circuit.
Capacitor: Electronic component that store electronic charge in a given circuit. Capacitor temporarily store the current in any electric circuit. In simple terms it accumulate and get hold of the energy in any given electric circuit.
Inductor: Electronic component that induces current in any given circuit. Its a so called coil that store the energy in the form of magnetic field. Generally inductor might be wire or a coil that is bounded with copper wire.
Transistor: Its an electronic component or device that works as a amplifier or switch. Transistor transforms weak electrical signals to strong electrical signals.
Integrated Circuits: Its a set of complex electronic components. That are printed on tiny semiconducting material. In mobile training course you will come across about Integrated circuits.
Bottom Line 
Above is a valuable information regarding mobile repair basic electronics. This little piece of information will help you stay informed regarding basic electronic product and equipment about mobile repair.

SAR Value in Mobile Phones

SAR value can be abbreviated as Specific absorption rate which indicated the amount of radiation that could be absorbed into head while using mobile phone. Higher the SAR value the more and more amount of radiation you are absorbing. According to FCC SAR value should be 1.6W/Kg and its within the limits of being the safe mobile to use. Read on to know SAR value in mobile phones.
“SAR value is the amount of radiation or engergy observed by unit of mass exposed of a person using mobile phone.
SAR value should be within the permissible limits so that its safe to use mobile phones. Every country in the world have kept SAR threshold limit value that makes it easy for the users to judge mobiles that are on offer.
Irrespective of SAR values users should follow these good practices that might help them save their lives.
  1. Don’t use mobile phone when you are not using it. Make sure you keep mobile phones away from your body when you are not at all using the mobile phones.
  2. Never make calls when signal is low and avoid talking when there are chance of slow signals. Speaking at lower radiations would make signal transmission more powerful that could damage your well being.
  3. Keep you calls short and try to avoid longer conversations. If you are in longer calls than make sure you use headsets.
  4. When you make call try to keep mobile away from ears because radiations will be more whenever a call get connected.

Above is the valuable information on SAR values in mobile phones make sure you aware of these values. Whenever you are planning to buy a mobile or smartphone make sure you see the SAR values and select the one with least SAR value.

Most Common Cell Phone Problems & Solution

Gone are the days when people use to stick to same mobile for years. These days people are pretty much interested to use highly expensive mobiles and gadgets. With usage problems are bound to happen. All you have to do is be aware of these things and see what are the problems and how you can get rid of them with ease. There are lot of changes happening in electronic world and people are willing to adopt those changes and make their living being more joyful. Read on to know most common cell phone problems & solutions.

Be it smart phone or any other phone there might be common problems you might come across. You should be aware of these common problems so that you could get rid of them as easy as you can.

Cracked Display Screen 

Probably this is the most common problem you might come across while using mobile devices. Be it a keypad or touchpad mobile there could be damage to mobile screens. Generally all mobile devices get glass screen just because it gives better clarity compare to fiber or plastic screens. There is risk associated with glass screen as small negligence would damage the screen very badly.

Charging Port 

People get habituated to charge their mobiles even if they see a small drop in battery power. Never charge your mobile unnecessarily and too frequently. Frequently charging your mobile would damage the charging port as well as the wire which supplies the current. In order to avoid these problem you should charge your mobile if battery indicates power below 20%.

Freezing Frequently

One of the biggest problem these days is freezing of mobiles. If you are pretty much interested to keep your mobile in good working condition and get good response make sure you keep applications that are very much necessary. Remove junk files and applications. Less storage excessive applications would lead to freezing of mobiles.

Slow Processing

Slow processing and freezing frequently of the mobiles are interconnected to each other. Slow processing happens just as freezing happens. Less space and more mobile applications, more usage of bigger applications that are not compatible would lead to slow processing to mobiles.

Above are some of the most common cell phone problems and solution. Make sure you follow these tips and tricks and get rid of common cell phone problems and enjoy the beautiful experience of using these beautiful gadgets.

Default Security Codes for Mobile Phones

Security code is provided by the manufacturer by default with the intention to provide security for mobile as well as user data. Be default security codes will be same for all the models from one manufacturer. For example Nokia mobiles will have same security code for all its models, just like Nokia other manufactures will have same default code for all its models. By default security code will be same unless you change or edit that particular code. Read on to know default security codes for mobile phones.
Security Code Benefits 
  • With security code you can manage the privacy of your mobile
  • Avoid access to any stranger
  • No one will be able to change the settings of your mobiles
  • In order to reset mobile phone you need security code.
If you get “code error” or “wrong code” that means you default security code has been changed.
Most people change the default security of mobile provided by mobile manufacturer. Its advisable that you change mobile security and keep the password which you can easily remember.
Default Security Codes for Mobile Phones
Here is a list of default mobile security codes provided by mobile manufacturers.
  • Nokia Mobiles – 12345
  • Samsung Mobiles  – 0000 (4 times Zero)/ 000000 (6 times Zero)/ 00000000 (8 times Zero)
  • China Mobiles – 0000 or 1122 or 1234 
  • Lava Mobiles – 4321 
  • Other Mobiles (including Sony, LG, Motorola etc) – 0000 or 1234
 Above are some of the default security codes for mobile phones. Make sure you remember these codes to avoid any type of dangerous situations.

MRC Hardware Troubleshooting

Repairing mobile is not an easy task. It requires lot of concentration and effort as mobile parts are sensitive. Mobile repairing course is easy when you do each and everything with precision. In order to repair any kind of mobile you should be aware of what are the different components of mobile. Basic hardware knowledge is enough to identify the problems that are there in mobile. Interested to learn about mobile repair make sure you should be aware of terms like model number, manufacturer details, hardware and software of mobile, serial numbers, what does IMEI number stands for etc. That’s the basic information every mobile technician should be aware of. Read on to know MCR hardware troubleshooting.
moving on to advanced things mobile technician should be aware of hardware components like mother board and its components. This knowledge will help you identify missing components from mobile device.
Minor Repairs
Mobile technician should be aware of minor problems they comeacross on regular basis. Make sure you check each and every functionality of mobile phone and identify the problems.
  • No audio reception – If there is a problem with speaker or earpieces make sure you locate the speaker and earpiece and remove the old one. Clean the surface with flux and replace small components that are required to be changed.
  • No audio transmission – Locate mic and mouth piece and check whether its is working or not. Use multimeter to check the functionality of the mic. If you observe some fault make sure you replace it with new one.
  • Phone not ringing – If mobile is not ringing for incoming calls make sure you check buzzer. Perform different tests using multimeter. If its faulty replace it with new one. Before fixing the new one make sure you clean the small components and mobile board surface with flux.
  • display malfunction – If there is any problem with display make sure you check LCD. Check the jumpers and interface. If you find LCD damaged make sure you replace it with new one.
  • Insert SIM card problem – If you see insert SIM card problem make sure you replace it if you find it damaged. Or else you can apply jumpers to get rid of the problems.
  • keypad malfunction – Check the casing of your mobile keypad. If you find the casing or keypad kit damaged one than make sure you replace it with new one. Don’t forget to clean the mobile keyboard surface with flux and dry it hot air blower.
Major repairs – Major problems affect the functionality of mobiles. As a mobile technician you should be aware of major problems like,
  • Automatic shut off – This problem might come due to battery failure. Make sure you check it whether its good using multimeter. If its ok than check battery terminal, if they are damaged then replace it.
  •  Water damaged – This is the most common problem that you might come across as a mobile technician.  Dis assemble mobile totally. Use thinner to clean the surface and apply the brush. Use hot blower and dry the surface of mobile. Assemble it and that’s it mobile is ready to use.
  • Battery not charging – If mobile is not getting charged make sure you check the charger. Use multimeter to check the functionality of charger. If its ok move on and check battery and battery terminals and find out the fault. If battery or battery terminals are not working make sure you replace it with new one.
  • No power and signal disturbance – If there is a problem with power make sure you replace the mobile battery. Signal problem comes where sim is not working make sure you check the SIM is damaged. If is is damaged replace it new one.

Above are some of the tips for MRC hardware troubleshooting. Make sure you follow these tips and tricks to to repair hardware components of your mobile.

How to reset samsung mobile codes

Forget security password of your samsung mobile. Stop worrying we have solution for your problem. Now you can set all your security codes can be reset using codes that will be described below. It will be very much helpful for you in case you forgot your Samsung mobile’s password. Most of the users are not aware of these codes. They go to service center for unlocking mobiles for they charge hefty amounts. No more secrets you can unlock your locked samsung mobiles all by yourself without paying a penny. Read on to know Samsung mobile codes that will help you reset it irrespective of model. Read on to know how to reset samsung mobile codes.
Steps to resent samsung codes
  • Turn off your Samsung mobile
  • Remove SIM card from your mobile
  • Turn on your mobile make sure you don’t keep any SIM in it
  • Enter the code *2767*637# which is a universal unlock code
  • Now enter *2767*3855# which will factory reset your samsung mobile
 Above are some of the valuable information on how to reset Samsung mobile codes with ease. Make sure you follow these tips to resest Samsung codes with ease.

How to Reset iphone

Facing problems with your iphone and worried about how to reset it as you bought the new one. Don’t worry there are two ways to reset your iphone. Soft and hard reset (which is a factory reset). In case if are facing minor issues related to iphone performance make sure you go for soft reset. soft reset will fix the small bugs that are affecting iphone performance. Read on to know how to reset iphone easily.
With hard reset you can delete all you personal data and customized settings and your smart phone look like a new one. People who are interested to gift iphone or sell it should go for hard reset. Hard reset will erase each and everything from your mobile and it looks like a new bought mobile.
How to soft reset your iphone
Worried about how reset iphone without losing data, well you can go for soft reset. Interested to soft reset your iphone than follow below steps. With soft reset you can fix minor issues with your iphone and it won’t delete anything form your device.
  • Step 1- Press and hold lock button along with home button simultaneously for about 15 seconds. Once you get apple logo on the screen leave the buttons immediately.
  • Step 2- Your iphone will go through soft process for some time.
  • Step 3- That’s it your iphone has been soft rest.
How to hard reset (factory reset) your iphone
Interested to delete each and everything form your iphone you can choose hard reset. This method could be associated with how to reset iphone without iTunes. Hard reset will delete each and everything from your iphone and you won’t be able to restore anything. unlike soft reset everything will be vanished if you choose hard reset.
  • Go to settings -> Choose general settings
  • Find Reset option in general settings
  • Select erase content and all settings
  • In case you have set any password for hard (factory) reset enter the password.
  • Once again it will ask you to confirm whether you are really interested to go for factory reset. In case you changed you mind roll back and stop factory reset.
  • If you confirm the factory reset process will start. It will take few minutes to complete factory reset process. Remember you can’t stop factory reset process.
  • Once the process get completed welcome screen will appear.