Books for mobile repairing

Mobile is one of the best gifts of technology. Mobiles have changed the total landscape of telecommunication. Lots of people are interested to use mobile these days and learn about new technologies that are changing lives everyday. Its pretty much easy to use mobiles. The real problem comes in when you face a daunting task of getting it repaired. Read on to know books for mobile repairing.

With every year increase in mobile technology and its demand mobile industry offer lot of employment opportunities. Mobile repair industry offer lot of employment opportunities to make career in mobile industry and earn their livelihood with ease. This is one of the biggest reason why young people are interested to learn this course. Wanna do it yourself and learn a,b,c of mobile repairing go through various books that are offered in both English as well as Hindi.

             Mobile Repair Books                                                                                Author Name 

  1. Modern mobile phone repairing                                                                      Manahar Lotia
  2. Advanced mobile repairing                                                                               Pandit Sanjib
  3. Modern Nokia mobile repair                                                                            Manahar Lotia
  4. Modern mobile phone practical & Troubleshooting (Hindi)                     Manahar Lotia
  5. Modern mobile phone repairing with computer S/W                                 Manahar Lotia
  6. Modern mobile phone & fault finding                                                            Manahar Lotia
  7. Modern mobile phone servicing & repairing                                                Manahar Lotia
  8. Mobile phone using various jumpering techniques                                    Manahar Lotia

Above are some of the books that are available online, one of the leading eCommerce website Amazon. All the above books are available in English as well as Hindi. If you are interested to learn mobile repairing by yourself than you can choose any of these books that will help you learn course pretty easily.