Basic Tools and Equipment for Mobile Repair

Interested to learn mobile repairing and want to repair your mobile on your own, make sure you know each and every tool used for mobile repairing. Having right tools for your business or personal purpose is very much important. Before you get started with mobile repairing you need to understand different part of mobiles or tablets. First of all you should be aware of the various tools that might be used in mobile repair. On the top of that tool awareness makes it easy for you to select right tool for right instrument. Read on to know basic tools and equipment for mobile repair.
You need to buy good quality that will help you open and reset mobile handset without any fuss. One thing you should remember that mobile parts are very much sensitive and you should take utmost care while removing them. Specially smartphone and touch screen models are very much sensitive. With keeping these things in mind you should buy high quality tools. They might be expensive but its a one time investment and you will be very much satisfied with high quality tools you are using.
List of Basic Tools and Equipments
Mobile opening Tools
Screw Driver
In order to repair mobile first of all you need to open to see where the problem is. You simply can’t open mobile with any screw driver. Mobiles have lot of small screws that can be opened using screw driver that are meant for mobiles. Star screw, philip screw are some of the screws that are used for mobiles. For that you need special screw driver tool kit that will help you open mobiles smoothly. Make sure you buy high quality screws.
Soldering iron
You simply can’t fix components of your mobiles. You need soldering iron to fix components like ic’s , capacitors, diodes etc .
Soldering Station
It help in soldering work. Soldering station makes it easy to do soldering by controlling the heat required to fix a particular component.
PCB Holder
In order to repair mobiles you need to solder the components on mobile device for that you need printable circuit board
Solder Wire
With the help of solder wire you can solder components like mike, ics, jumpers etc.
PCB Cleaner
PCB cleaner help in cleaning the printable circuit board of the mobile device.
Blade Cutter
Blade is very much necessary to remove lamination that might be present on different components of the devices.
Point Cutter
Helpful in cutting wires and other components that might be required to remove form device
Tweezers are very much helpful when you are assembling and dissembling the devices. It might help you hold the components with ease as they are very much tiny.
These are used for cleaning the PCB of a mobile phone while repairing.
Hot Air Blower
  • It is used to regulate or manage temperature and flow or hot air.
Battery Booster
  • It is used to boost the power of battery of a Cell phone.
Magnifying Lamp
  • You have to see each and every component of mobiles clearly. Magnifying lamp will help you see the devices properly.
Liquid Flux
  • You need liquid fulx to clean the components of mobile or pcb. With liquid flux get rid of dust easily.
Solder Paste
  • It help mobile technicians in cleaning soldering tips and etc.
Desoldering wire 
  • Substitute for desoldering pump to remove excess lead form the PCB.
  • One of the tools essential for mobile repairing. It helps in applying bga paste to bga plate used for reballing IC.
Cutter Piler – used for repairing purpose 
Long nose piler – used for repairing purpose 
Cleaning Sponge
  • This is used to clean tip of soldering iron while soldering.
LCD Tester
  • You need LCD tester that will help you find the faults in touch screen phones.
Battery Tester
  • This device is used to test and check condition of battery of a cell phone.
Cleaning materials and solutions 
  • Eraser – eraser might be used the clean stains and other particles from keypad.
  • Toothbrush – It might be used to remove stains from mobile keypad and other tools.
  • Thinner – Lot of thinners are available in markets. Thinners are used as a first aide for water damaged phones.
  • Flux Injection – Its one of the mail component used while mobile repairs. Flux inject is used to heat the component.
  • Alcohol solution – Some mobile technicians use alcohol solution for cleaning small components of mobile and tools.

Above are some of the basic tools and equipment for mobile repair. Make sure you do have a complete knowledge of these basic tools and equipment that you will be using in every day life of your mobile repair career.