Basic Hardware Components of Mobile Phone

When it comes to mobile repairing hard components are the most important part. As a mobile repair technician you should be aware of all the hardware components. The mobile board consists of so many components that make sure you mobile device is working very smoothly. Lot of these tiny circuits have lot of part to play in mobile functionality. Before you get hand on experience of the things make sure you are aware of these things. As a mobile technician you should be aware of which part will have what kind of impact on mobile device functionality. Below are some of the basic hardware components of mobile phone that every technician should be aware of.
Power IC – one of the major electronic component of mobile.It supply current to the whole part of the body. Along with power IC you should insert LI-Ion battery that supplies power to whole device. Power IC is one of the components of mobile phone battery.
Hager IC – Probably one of the major IC of any mobile device. Hager IC is the one the receives mobile signals. They are very much essential for mobiles to receive calls and text messages. If are having trouble with signals make sure you check whether hager IC is working or not.
Charging IC – Having charing issues make sure you check charing connector. If still the issue is persisting than make sure you check charing IC of your device. Charging IC is one of the essential components of mobile phone charger.
Flash IC – Flash IC is the storage of the device. It generally stores the basic functionalities of your device. You can’t delete the flash memory.
RAM IC – This is  permanent storage of your device. It helps in storing the mobile contacts messages and others personalized stuff. We can erase the information present on your device.
User interface IC – This is something related to interface of the mobile device. All the components like keypad, vibrator, and speaker are connected with the user interface IC.
Audio IC – Not able to hear ring tones on your mobile device than make sure you check the audio IC of your device.
Antenna Switch – If you have with signals in your mobile make sure you check the antenna switch of you mobile. Not  only that fluctuating signals might be caused with antenna switch.
Above are some of the basic components of mobile phone handset which are helpful in identifying the problems and rectify them pretty easily.